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Headaches & Pain? NO, MORE


Pain, Shouldn't Be a Lifestyle!

 Quick And Easy Ways To Have Less Pain, Less Stress And More Freedom

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Our goal here at Providence Therapeutic Massage Inc (TMI) is to get you , "Back to life and Living!" With a holistic approach using therapeutic treatment called Rapid Neurofascial Reset. In a 30 minute treatment you will feel the tension reducing, getting better range of motions. Which will help reduce the stress where you can relax. Click Below for my free eBook

"7 Benefits of Rapid Neurofascial Reset." 

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Hi everyone,
Ron here or better known Rapid-Ronnie.. A registered massage therapist (RMT) here in Edmonton, Ab. After a 23 year career in the transportation industry, I was way over tired of doing his work and the fun wasn’t there anymore. So, my wife asked me in Jan 2020,” what do wanted to do?” And massage was the choice. I could stay working while I studied. I was determined, I wasn’t gonna waste time in learning this craft. Looking back at those time and crazy as it was with the whole world shutting down it was a challenge to learn a skill without a body, or bodies. When I was completing my 1st year I told a friend, “ I don’t want to be just good, I want to exceptional.” Toward the end of our learning in college and getting a chance to help people out in the real world, things were good, but I had challenges in helping some people in their treatments. I searched and found Rapid Neurofascial Reset for a solution for me to help other quicker then your typical massage treatment, and yes even therapeutic massage treatments. 2 month’s after graduating, I jumped into the training and All I can say NOW is thank You God for directing me this way. Some of my colleagues know when I’m at work as they can hear the clients laughing, crying, swearing or saying Ouch!

I too, was frustrated when I was injured in a motor vehicle accident, where the truck I was in as a passenger in 2015 hit the ditch. After the craziness of this and the hospital where the driver and I were taken too, didn’t seem to give much attention to the injuries I was dealing with. Just to shorten this a bit. I did suffer from a broken rib, shoulder was messed up and could not lift it. Where once 2-3 hours before no problem lifting a 24” pipe wrench. After a bit of time I could not sit anymore at work. When getting back to driving I had to lift my right arm with my left hand to get it up on the gear shifter. Shifting no problem, lifting was the issue. Sought help none given to shown which direction to go.

If I only knew about this RAPID back then I would not have suffered so long. It was this year where I had a rapid done on my shoulder, and I can use it again. Throwing a football or baseball used to be a challenge, in fact I would not do it as I knew what the outcome would be. Today that has changed.

I have had the privilege to help many people with all kinds of issues from headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain and a couple of awesome things sciatica and plantar fasciitis.

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Pain, Shouldn't be a Lifestyle !


Proven Outcomes

"Testimonial 1 
Kathryn Mulligan

I had a great experience with Ron, he made the time to fit in an appointment for me last minute and took the time to understand what I needed from the treatment. I feel great since seeing him and I have noticed a big difference in my range of motion.

Kathryn Mulligan, EDM

"Testimonial 2 
Kamanon Guéladé

Very good service, helped fix my shoulder pain.

Kamanon Guéladé, EDM

"Testimonial 3 
Tanis Saretsky

Experienced more relief then any other treatment I have had. He spends the time targeting the issues until he see's that I am pain free. Highly recommend him to anyone!!!

Tanis Saretsky, EDM